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Childrens Mission Books


All-Reader Books

A Boat for Panama by Kim Davis

God used the children of the Colorado District to answer the prayers of a need for a boat to share the gospel in Panama and in the lives of the indigenous people of Kuna. While this is a true story, the characters from the family and church in the USA are altered to draw children into the story and empha­size how God uses people of all ages to bring others to Christ.

Mama’s Song by Anna Derbyshire

Michael is a boy in South Sudan, Africa. His mother sings her children a song about trusting Jesus that influences Michael in a profound way throughout his life. Michael Gatkek currently serves as USA/Canada coordinator of Sudanese Nazarene Ministries, founder/president of African Relief Ministries, and founder of Nuer Christian Mission Network.

Nally-Enska’s Dream Comes True by Lynne Chambers

This book is fiction but based on facts and highlights the transformation of an underprivileged village in the mountains of Haiti through child sponsor­ship. This transformation is achieved through the local Nazarene congregation, which launches a school, and through a missionary who introduces musical instruc­tion and instruments.

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General Readers

Shiro Kano: Faithfulness at Any Price by Merritt Nielson

Originally told in 1948 by Alice Spangenberg, the story of Shiro Kano is a compelling call to faithfulness at any price. It is a timely reminder that in every generation, God needs men and women who will follow His call and who will faithfully render their service for the sake of the many who do not yet know Christ. 

Not all stories turn out as we would expect or hope. But God is the Author and Finisher of faith, and the end of this story is not yet fully known. This book should draw a simple prayer: “Lord, give me such a faith in and for my generation.”

What Begins Here Transforms the World by Debbie Salter Goodwin

Africa Nazarene University is a story of transformation led by an innovative group of pioneers. Debbie Salter Goodwin immerses you in their spirit and their faith. Whether administrator, faculty, or student, all share the same passion: God wants to transform lives and can use them to do it.

The ANU community believes that the title of this book is more prayer than claim. As you read their story, make it your prayer as well. Join this transformational mission, believing that what God begins in your life will transform your world, too.

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