Bec's Pantry and the School Essentials Program are initiatives that allow both the members of our church family and the broader community to be active in assisting families wherever there is need.

Bec's Pantry has been running for quite some time now and thanks to those many donations has been able to not only help in times of need but also to assist with recipes and cooking lessons when required. 

The School Essentials Program is a partnership between BMC, SU QLD School Chaplaincy and the schools in our local community.The aim of the SEP is to provide the basics of stationary, hats and shoes to families that are genuinely in need.


It was Christ Himself that said that we were to "assist the poor and needy", so with that in mind BCON Ministry Center is open to giving beyond our own means and would happily accept your donation to make someone else's life a little better. 

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